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Jewelry,Art and Antiquities


“Own a piece of history”


The Roman Glass Gallery was founded by the owner and designer, Rachel Arbel in 2003.  Located in a new entertainment and shopping center opposite the Roman Amphitheatre Caesarea. The Gallery reflects both the ancient and modern spirit that Caesarea represents today.


The Gallery offers jewelry, art creations and antique objects based on 2000 year old fragments of Roman Glass found in local archeological excavations and certified by the Department of Antiquities to be genuine and legally acquired.


The items are “one of a kind” pieces, individually created with the use of Roman Glass, cut to shape, then set in unique gold and silver hand made designs. None are ever copied.


In addition, gold and silver jewelry can be custom designed to the customer’s specifications. Such handcrafted items will never thereafter be offered in any catalogue nor will they be reproduced for any other customer.

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